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Analysis and forecast of domestic caustic soda price trend in December 09, 2016

Date: 2016-12-09
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Today the domestic caustic soda market goes “Big steady and small move”. In caustic soda liquid: liquid caustic soda market changes little in the whole. Downstream demand keeps tepidly. In Shandong, an aluminum enterprise reduces the purchase order price by 10yuan/ ton to 860yuan / ton, correspondingly, some local manufacturers reduce the price down slightly. Northwest Inner Mongolia, the turnover of liquid market is more flexible, the quotation of local chlor alkali enterprises keeps temporarily stable, market participants keep cautious about the market.

Caustic soda flakes: caustic soda flakes market changes slightly. The northwest protopine processing factory currently still have the heavy pressure on the cost and the price of liquid caustic soda in the local upstream area is much higher, thus the caustic soda manufacturers can not get the ideal profit. The eastern Shandong area, the price of highly liquid continues falling, and the pressure of caustic soda processing plant on cost continues to decline, coupled with the general manufacturers shipments, so the delivery price of caustic soda flakes goes the declining trend. At East China and Southern China region, the protopine market transactions keeps flexible, where the traders can ship the caustic soda according to their own stocks..

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