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Application: Widely used in biodiesel, alkaline batteries industry, high-class detergents and cosmetics. Industrial soaps, potassium chemicals, medicine intermediate, synthetic rubber, ABS resin, natural rubber latex, dyestuffs, zymolysis and food additive and so on.ItemsSpecifications:UnitAssay:90 Min%K2CO3:0.5Max%Chloride (as Cl):0.005Max%Fe:0.0005Max%Sulfate (as SO4):0.005Max%Nitrate and Nitrite (as N):0.0005Max%
purity:96% 99%chemical formula:NaOH molecular weight:40.01 CAS NO. : 1310-73-2 EINECS NO:215-185-5SpecificationComposingCaustic soda flake 96%Caustic soda flake 99%NaOH96% Min.99% Min.Na2CO31.2% Max.0.5% Max.NaCl2.5% Max.0.03% Max.Fe2O30.008% Max.0.005% Max
purity:99%chemical formula :NaOH molecular weight:40.01 CAS NO. : 1310-73-2 EINECS NO:215-185-5SpecificationComposingCaustic soda pearl 99%NaOH99% Min.Na2CO30.5% Max.NaCl0.03% Max.Fe2O30.005% Max
Purity:60%chemical formula:Na2S molecular weight:78.04CAS NO. : 1313-82-2 EINECS NO:215-212-0 specificationIron (Fe)content Na2S(%) Na2SO3(%) Na2S2O3(%)Na2CO3(%) Water Insoluble(%) color1500ppm Max 60.0 Min0.2 Max0.2 Max5.0 Max0.4 Max   red150ppm Max60.0 Min0.2 Max0.2 Max2.0 Max0.2 Max80ppm Max60.0 Min0.2 Max0.2 Max2.0 Max0.2 Max      yellow50ppm Max60.0 Min0.2 Max0.2 Max2.0 Max0.2 Max30ppm Max60.0 Min0.2 Max0.2 Max2.0 Max0.05 Max20ppm Max60.0 Min0.2 Max0.2 Max2.0 Max0.03 Max15ppm Max60.0 Min0.2 Max0.18 Max1.8 Max0.03 Max10ppm Max60.0 Min0.2 Max0.18 Max1.8 Max0.03 Max5ppm Max60.0 Min0.2 Max0.18 Max1.7 Max0.02 Max
Purity :99%chemical formula: C8H6O2 molecular weight:134.132CAS NO. : 623-27-8 EINECS NO:210-784-8specificationAppearance:White crystal powerMolecular Weight:134.132Molecular Formula:C8H6O2Density:1.189g/cm 3Melting Point(°C):114-116°CBoiling Point(°C):246.5 a°Ct 760 mmHgFlash Point(°C):101.7°CRefractiveindex:1.622Water Solubility:3 g/L (50°C)
Product Name:              Calcium CarbideMolecular Formula:           CaC2CAS Number:                    75-20-7Molecular Weight:           64.1Grade:                                   IndustryUN Number:                       1402        HS Code            &#...
Purity: 99.9%chemical formula: Na12AL12Si12O48.27H2OCAS NO. : 9003-05-8 EINECS NO:231-545-4specificationANALYSIS ITEMSANALYSIS RESULTAppearanceFine white powderBulk density350-450kg/m3Ca exchange capability300CaCO3mg/z-g(min.)Loss at 800 (after one hour)20+1%PH of 1% slurry11+0.5Relative brightness95 Min Partical sizeMean Diameter4 MaxAbove 10 Micro5 MaxBelow 1 Micro0.2 MaxAl2O328-35%Na2O17-19%SiO231-34%H2O18-22%Heavy metal (free) as Pb0.5ppm
Purity :99%chemical formula:NaHCO3  molecular weight:84.01CAS NO. : 144-55-8 EINECS NO:205-633-8specificationParameterSpecificationActual ResultsContent Of NaHCO3≥ 99.0 – 100.5 %99.71 %Loss On Dry≤ 0.20 %0.12 %PH Value≤ 8.68.25Content Of As≤ 0.0001 %Content Of Heavy Metals (Calculate as Pb)≤ 0.0005 %Content Of Ammonium SaltVia TestQualifiedClarityVia TestQualifiedContent Of Chloride≤ 0.40 %0.15 %Whiteness≥ 8593AppearanceWhite PowderWhite Powder
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