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Purity:99%chemical formula:NaHCO3  molecular weight:84.01CAS NO. : 144-55-8 EINECS NO:205-633-8specificationParameterSpecificationActual ResultsContent Of NaHCO3≥ 99.0 – 100.5 %99.71 %Loss On Dry≤ 0.20 %0.12 %PH Value≤ 8.68.25Content Of As≤ 0.0001 %Content Of Heavy Metals (Calculate as Pb)≤ 0.0005 %Content Of Ammonium SaltVia TestQualifiedClarityVia TestQualifiedContent Of Chloride≤ 0.40 %0.15 %Whiteness≥ 8593AppearanceWhite PowderWhite Powder
Product Features:Product Name:                 Sodium Tripolyphosphate (STPP) Description:       White powderMolecular Formula:  Na5P3O10Grade:        Industry Grade       CAS Number:           7758-29-4Specifications:Items                         Specifications   Testing Result   UnitSodium Tripolyphosphate (Na5P3O10)  94 Min              95.7                     %Phosphorus Pentox...
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