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Calcium Carbide

Date of listing: 2019-07-22

package: 50kg iron drums or 100kg iron drums

Application: It is the main raw material for producing acetylene gas, used in cutting and welding for metal material, synthesizing polyvingl chloride(PVC), fruit catalyst and so on.

Product Name              Calcium Carbide

Molecular Formula:           CaC2

CAS Number:                    75-20-7

Molecular Weight:           64.1

Grade:                                   Industry

UN Number:                       1402        

HS Code                           2849100000

Size                                      0.5-3mm, 5-15mm, 10-30mm, 50-80mm



Gas Yield Rate

295L/KG Min

Lump size

50-80 MM

H2S Content

0.1% Max

PH3 Content

0.06% Max

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